Star Cruises Asian Fleet - The most acclaimed fleet in Asia-Pacific Star Cruises, incorporated in 1993, is the only international cruise brand originated in Asia, which best understands the Asian cruisers. With our tailor-made entertainment, traditional local Asian cuisines and the Asian-style hospitality services, customers can truly indulge in a cruise filled with fun and excitement. The Group currently operates 8 ships under the Star Cruises brand in Asia - Pacific with its corporate headquarters in Hong Kong, namely SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Aquarius, SuperStar Libra, SuperStar Gemini, Star Pisces, MegaStar Aries, MegaStar Taurus and Wasa Queen.

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Why Cruise in Asia Pacific

Fulfil your dream vacation when you cruise the Asia-Pacific with us!

Sun-kissed beaches, tropical virgin jungles, fascinating cultures, exotic cuisine, super bargains, historical landmarks and friendly faces. Imagine all these on your next holiday...

Asia-Pacific has never stopped mesmerising its visitors. Its white sandy beaches, friendly people and the tropical sun would always bewitch its visitors to come back for more.

The historical sites will give you a peep into the region's wealthy past while the endless spread of scrumptious local specialities will delight the true gourmand.

Antique collectors will be overwhelmed by the great antiquities this region has to offer. It is also a shopper's paradise if you love a good bargain at the colourful flea markets.

In short, there is so much more to be discovered and experienced here - so much to see and so much more to do!

Now, the charm of Asia-Pacific is within reach with Star Cruises.

As we cruise to these enchanting destinations, we offer an endless list of activities and entertainment, and fine cuisine from all over the world onboard.

Cruising with us is not only an extraordinary way to see the region, it is also easy on your budget, as you will find almost everything you need onboard a Star Cruises ship.

When you are onboard our liners, you will have access to all the world-class facilities and services. From computer games to movies, from ballroom dancing to karaoke, from cabaret shows to relaxing massages, from a day in the gym to night parties, there is never a dull moment.

With Star Cruises, you'll get more than just a memorable and enjoyable journey. You will experience the perfect vacation brought to you by 'The Leading Cruise Liner in Asia-Pacific.

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